“I like to know that I am getting information that my competitors don’t get. This makes me feel like I’m several steps ahead of my competition.” -Lacrosse1Fit customer, High School All Star
    For the competitive lax player, coach, or parent of a rising star, this app introduces you to the Lacrosse1Fit Plan. The Plan incorporates the 3 essential elements for an amazing performance: Fitness Training, Mental Preparation, and Nutrition Themes. The 3 essential elements are only found in the Lacrosse1Fit Plan. Nowhere else do you have access to an online plan that delivers to you, daily, a formula for success…the Lacrosse1Fit Plan!

    In this app Dr. A (a.k.a., Andrea Wieland, PhD, Olympian, psychologist, performance coach) reveals how following the Lacrosse1Fit plan improves lacrosse-specific speed, agility, footwork, endurance, strength, power and flexibility. Learn the key elements of sports nutrition from proper hydration to recovery strategies. If your goal is to go beyond mediocre play, this is the online Plan for you!
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    Get the BEST OF THE BEST of Dr. A’s Training secrets in the palm of your hand. Top performers and great athletes pay thousands of dollars to be personally coached by Dr. A. Now you can get her timeless wisdom gained from years of experience. If you’re really serious about becoming a SIGNIFICANTLY better, faster, smarter, stronger player – and smashing your personal best –take advantage of the latest sport science thinking. Impress your coach, teammates, family, and friends with your athletic prowess!
    All too often players overlook mental and nutritional training --sure you may be disciplined about getting stronger, and faster. But, in the big games or even against mediocre opponents, are you consistently playing at your best? If not, it’s probably really frustrating…because you want to win so badly. Play up to your potential! The Lacrosse1Fit program has helped a lot of athletes and top performers turn this around.
    • Access to gaining a competitive advantage with additional insider’s tips to world class performance to which other users will NOT have access!
    • Complete understanding of the 3 essential components of how to get Lacrosse1Fit Plan system: fitness, nutrition, mental preparation
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