Learn To Play Chess



Learn To Play Chess for Beginners

Have you ever wondered how to play chess? This app explains the basics, including what chess is, how to play, and a few helpful tips on how to start.

Chess is a game of intelligence and strategy.

To set up a chess board you must first know the names of each chess piece.

Now that you know each piece you can place them on the board.

To begin playing, it is best to have a strategy.

A helpful hint to keep in mind is to always have a come back move

Remember, each piece has relative value.

To take the offensive, a piece must be placed near the opponent's king.

When the opponent has you in check, you must always try to place your king where one of the opponent's pieces cannot check the king again.

To win the game, you must get a checkmate on the opponent's king, which means that the king is in check and cannot get to safety

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