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    Small and easy application to time your body exercises the way you need it! Enhanced with several speaking features.

    Use it when you want to alternate work vs. rest periods. It's designed to support standard intervals for training (tabata, 30/30, TRX session etc), your daily? abdominal plank session (4*30) and so on..

    -simply and quickly choose common durations for work and rest periods
    -repeat work period for 1, 4, 10 or 15 times before resting
    -easily bypass the rest period
    -display progress for current repetition / phase
    -display overall elapsed time (work+rest)
    -display overall resting time
    -display current round (work+rest)
    -work in background (re-open through notification bar)
    -speak 60, 30, 10 and 5 seconds before end of current phase
    -speak overall working time at various moments
    -speak some incentives randomly
    -possible daily routine notification (doesn't survive a phone restart)

    When transitioning between phases:
    -beep or speak last 3 seconds (countdown)
    -beep or speak to signal upcoming phase
    -add a 3 seconds delay (allow to change position for example)
    -speak current repetition
    -speak current round

    -If speaking is *not available*, please install engine and English data from the PlayStore.

    Application is free, without any ads (no internet connection required!).

    For any questions, bugs encountered, or if you have suggestions for improvements, do not hesitate to mail and / or post comment and give shining stars :)

    Keywords: sport, timing, interval, tabata, trx, exercises, plank

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