NBA Spurs Assistant



San Antonio Spurs Fanatic,

Do you want the latest information for the San Antonio Spurs basketball team? This application will allow you to get the team's schedule, roster, stats, transations, news, the NBA injury report and the game play-by-play for the San Antonio Spurs. The application will also allow you to get the NBA daily scoreboard so that you will not miss any of the scores. It will retreive the latest information every time you make a selection from the main screens for each selection.

The daily scoreboard will retrieve the latest daily schedule with results of games played and the times and TV networks of upcoming games. The team schedule will retrieve the team's updated schedule with results of games played and the times and TV networks of upcoming games. The team roster will retrieve the team's current roster. The team statistics will retrieve the team's information for both game and scoring stats. The team transactions will retrieves the teams latest transactions. The team news will retrieve the teams latest news stories. The team injury report will retrieve the team's injury report submitted by the team to the NBA.

It also includes a gameday play-by-play that will retrieve the play-by-play of the team's current or most recent game. If selected after the game or during the day prior to the next gameday it will get the last play-by-play action. If selected on gameday prior to tipoff, it displays the time and location of the game that day. If selected while the game is in progress, it will take you directly to Latest Plays with narration. Select the menu option to switch from Latest Plays with narration to Full Play-by-Play without narration (and vice versa). Both screens update themselves at regular intervals as the game progresses. Note that the Latest Plays screen is only available during the game. All scoring plays and changes of possession are displayed in bold to find them more readily. If you have Android 1.6 or higher, you will hear play-by-play narration.