Nitrox calculator



Nitrox calculator for any mixture of Enriched Air SCUBA breathing gas from 21% to 100%.

Uses both Metric and Imperial units, but calculates in Metric, so Imperial measures may appear off by a couple of feet at times.

Calculations show indications of maximum operating depth (MOD), conditional depth (CoD), equivalent air depth (EAD), single dive no-decompression limits (NDL), ppO2 levels, best mix for depth, Oxygen toxicity and allowed Oxygen time per day.

An optional page shows calculations for the Dräger Dolphin Semi-Closed Rebreather, including 'gas time' left in tank, fraction of inspired Oxygen from counter-lung, with the MOD, CoD, EAD and NDL dive parameters calculated based on the fraction of inspired O2. Be sure to check the settings for tank volumes and pressures before using the Dolphin mode, or your 'gas time' figures will be inaccurate.

I hope you find this app useful. This latest (and final) version of Nitrox Calculator is now Ad free - think of it as my gift to the diving community.

Happy and safe diving!

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