Parachute Accidents



Parachute crashes and accidents is a great app mostly funny but not always so!

The app utilises some 125 video clips of some real classic incidents.

The first 23 videos are included:

My Parachute Malfunctioned after filming a Tandem skydive forcing me to cut away
New canopy and compilation
Early deployment
To me your problem is YOUR problem
Mile Hi Swoop Tour Clip
Cutaway the Gameshow
parachute emergency after opening WOW
Skydiving accident repost
Freefly Crash
Skydiving injury
BASE Jumper Canopy Snag - Flung onto the Roof
your worst skydiving nightmare double malfunction
Skydiving Accident Caught on Tape
skydiver near miss
Swoop SkyDiving
Broken Neck Skydiving
Skydiving Crash
Until the End of Time
Private Video
Tandem Skydive Cutaway
skydive premature opening

The rest can easily be added later:
Super Low Pull - Wing Suit
Cadet Cutaway Parachute Jump USAFA Skydiving Accident
Freak accident Skydiver hugs stabiliser2
Skydiving Team Accident Caught on Tape
Tandem Skydive Student is Extremly Scared and Freaks Out
How close was that plane
Fatal Skydiving Accident Caught on Tape
AFF Student collision with Jumpmaster
Horseshoe malfunction
Skydive Crash Landing
Solar Eclipse Jump
skydive horseshoe malfunction in Dubai
skydivers hitting water
fatal skydiving accident
Skydiving Accident Instructor Makes Very Serious Mistake With Student
AFF Gone Bad
Sky AFF 2002 funny bad student
Aff Skydive Suicide1
I cant even fall right
Scary AFF Skydive
Tandem Skydive malfunction - drogue entanglement with instructors foot
Skydive is not a joke
Skydive - Parachute fails to open
skydivning accident
My first skydiving and my parachute malfunctioned
Private Video
Incidente in caduta libera - skydiving accident
Fatal Basejump
fatal skydiving accident chute doesnt open
accidente paracaidas cae
Raw Video Skydiver Killed in Crash Through Roof
Skydiving Accident
The sky is not the limit but the ground is
Horrific Skydiving Accident as man slams concrete
Sky Diving Accident
Two skydivers open low both reserves deploy Amazing
Skydiver caught on planes back fins
Commissioner survives skydiving accident
Terrible Skydiving Accident
Orlando Amador s Sky Dive Accident
Girl Skydiver Accident
Shattered leg on skydive landing
Funny skydiving accident
Sky Diving
Amazing 500 People In Mass Skydive
Indoor skydiving accident
skydiving accident
Tandem Accident
Travis Pastrana Skydives without a Parachute
Navy SEAL Killed in Parachute Jump in Arizona
Skydive Close Opening
I forgot how to land
Skydiver Hits Plane Midair ALMOST

Skydiving Good Bad and Funny
Get Out of my Canopy Parachute Collision Crash
Idiot Paraglider
Skydiving Emergency - Opening Reserve Parachute
Scary Skydiving Accident Low Pull Lands On House
SkyDiving Accident Into Pylons Powerlines Parachute fail
Swoop Chug Skydiving Beer Safe
Trunks Silly Skydives from 2011
JustChilling - The Skydiving Shoe
Airplane Prank - Pilot pretends to faint
What happens when a parachute doesnt open
Parachute hit by airplane
Skydive from Yak 52 inverted exit
canopy collision
Epic Parachute Fail
Skysurf - Crazy
First solo sky dive almost goes terribly wrong
Skydive AFF Level 5 Gone Bad Fail - 2nd Attempt Pass - Carl Turpin
AFF level 1 goes very bad student looses both instructors
3 seconds from dead
Scary first parachute jump nearly went wrong
Skydive gone wrong
Lowpull skydive - That was stupid
Low pull wingsuit flight - Absolutely crazy

and more

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