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I give this now out for free. Best regards to all pistol shooters!

When training alone without electronic target system or a range system turning your targets, it is very difficult to train specific Parts of ISSF programs.

For example the duel training which has a period for 3 seconds where you should shoot 1 shot, then a 7 second brake before new 3 seconds for next shot. On an electronic target system there is a red and green lamp telling you when to shoot.

This Pistol Shooting Self Trainer App simulates the program session and the red/green lights. In addition a voice or click tells you when to start, shot and stop. After a session you are able to save your score and view each session and your latest average. There is also a graph for each program where you can see your progression.

Latest statistic shows all your actual average scores in one page.

There is also a page showing how you would perform in different contests with these scores.

The Programs added is:
10 Meter 5 Shot Precision
25 Meter 5 Shot Precision
50 Meter 5 Shot Precision
25 Meter 5 Shot Series on 6 Seconds
25 Meter 5 Shot Series on 10 Seconds
25 Meter 5 Shot Series on 20 Seconds
25 Meter 5 Shot Duel Series (3 sec/7sec)
Bullseye shooting Slow fire 25 yards
Bullseye shooting Slow fire 50 yards
Bullseye shooting Timed fire 25 yards
Bullseye shooting Rapid fire 25 yards

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