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    An inclinometer that warns you with a sound when it is below parallel.

    Useful when performing exercises such as: Squat, Box Squat, Bench Press Board, etc ...

    When you start recording, a beep indicates when the inclination will be over the parallel.
    You can set an offset if you want to change the threshold.

    For example, you can set an offset of "+30" if you want to do an half squats.
    You can also set an offset, for example, of "-15", for a full squat.
    The beep interval, is the minimun interval between two beeps.
    Use Volumes Keys to start and stop the recording.

    Long click to delete an item.

    Shows the inclination/max inclination/velocity/acceleration of the lifts series

    Set an offset for the inclination in the various lift types.

    This app was born from the desire to create a port to Android of a small part of the BANG Project, by the Engineer Paolo Evangelista (SmartLifting).

    If you are passionate, but also professionals, of powerlifting, I also recommend to read the the book by Evangelista: DCSS - Power Mechanics For Power Lifters.

    Useful links:
    - BANG Project:
    - Developer's Web Site: href="

    I want to emphasize that I am not in any way affiliated with the author of the original project.
    Thanks to "Cristiano Morresi" for the photo.

    [Tested Device]
    - Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    - LG Optimus One P500
    - Samsung Galaxy S3
    - Samsung Galaxy Note

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