Roller Resource (Beta)



Roller Resource helps to push users of all skill ranges to try new things and improve their trick-set and blading vocabulary.

Roller Resource is a mix between a random trick generator (similar to Art of Rolling's Skate Dice) with the added benefit of being a tiny Blading Wiki, with information about a large array of tricks (more tricks coming soon).

Choose Easy, Medium or Hard modes (Expert Coming Soon!) and challenge your friends to a game of S.K.A.T.E (or B.L.A.D.E) with randomly generated tricks.

All tricks have the correct names, with hundreds of variations, and there are no clashes between variations (e.g. Frontside, Backside, Royale).

Roller Resource now comes with it's own "Quick Trick" widget, that can be added to your homescreen for quick trick generation.

Lots of awesome features coming in the near future, incl; Built in B.L.A.D.E Game, Trick Categories (e.g. Grinds, Grabs, Flips) and a whole new style!

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