Rugby Scoreboard



Are you tired of remembering the number of tries, penalties, field goals or conversions during the game? Then here is the app for you. Whether you are playing, refereeing, or just watching a RUGBY game, this attractive new look allows you to keep scores in style. Impress your friends and show them the next generation of score keeping.

->This app contains the advanced features compared to ordinary scoreboards.

->In this app you can set the Team Names.

->The Individual Team Score points can be noted and checked by a swipe labels.

//->You have facility to set different themes available. //

->You are also provided with the default timer.

->Also have the option to post the live score's and the game over screen score's on your facebook wall.

->You can share it through e-mail or you can store them in your mobiles.

->Please don't forget to provide the reviews and suggestions to serve level best in the future.

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