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2017 Boston Celtics Schedule and Trivia Game for Boston Celtics fans. Over 35,000 Celtics fans have downloaded this very small, fast app shows a simple Celts schedule with National TV listings. So when you are walking around Boston and someone says: “do the Celts play tonight or when is the next Celts game?”. One tap of your Android phone tells you the answer!!! No thumbing through old months, this app knows today's date and quickly shows the next set of games from today's date to the end. Even when there is no WiFi around you still see the day and time of the game.

Over 93% of our reviews are either 5 stars or 4 stars. Press on any game it takes you to the Celtics mobile web site for highlights, scores, videos, blogs and more. If you keep this app on your phone it will also automatically update next year’s schedule when it is available!

Also we have a great Trivia Game for Boston Celtics fans! This fun app tests the users knowledge of Celtics basketball. We have hundreds and hundreds of really cool and challenging questions about the Celts. If you like the Celtics, you'll love this app! You can also send in your own Celts Trivia question and we will put it in the database with your name on it. This app has no official affiliation with the Boston Celtics of the NBA. How good are you with Boston Celtics trivia? Have fun and enjoy!!!

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