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Score Keeper is allows a scorer or umpire to keep track of a game. You can keep score for badminton, squash, table tennis and tennis.

Score Keeper will keep track of who is serving next in the game (and the side from which they serve in badminton and squash).

Score keeper has full support of undo and redo just in case you make a mistake. Hit "menu" to find undo and redo options.

Score Keeper allows you to view a point-by-point summary of the game and lets you save the score cards to the phone or email them to someone else. The score cards attached by email can be opened using Microsoft Excel.

This is an essential for everyone who plays badminton, squash, table tennis or tennis.

Hit "menu" whilst scoring a game for additional options such as undo, redo, stroke and let.
There is now a desktop viewer for opening score cards emailed to friends. Find it at

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