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SeaAlarm is an application for any person interested in being notified whenever some sea conditions (previously defined by them) actually happens at any place in the world they want.

For example, you might be a Surfer who wants to be notified every time in your favorite beach the wave's height is bigger than 2 meters, and wind direction comes from NNE.

Or you might be a Sailor who want to be notified every time around your marina the wind speed is more than 10km per hour, from the WE, with not too big waves, lets say smaller than 0.5 meters.

Or you might be just a normal person who wants to know the forecast of your local beach.

Just select any sea spot in the world, and define your own alarm. You can set up any of this conditions:

-> Water temperature ( ºC or ºF )
-> Wave height (Meters or Feets)
-> Swell height (Meters or Feets)
-> Swell period (Seconds)
-> Swell direction (16-point compass rose: N, NNE, NE, ENE, etc)
-> Cloud cover (%)
-> Visibility (Kilometers)
-> Pressure (Mb)
-> Humidity (%)
-> Precipitation (mm)
-> Wind direction (16-point compass rose)
-> Wind speed (Knots, Kilometers per hour or Miles per hour)
-> Ambient temperature (ºC or ºF)

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