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Shooting Hours was developed by hunters, for hunters. Accurately calculate Sunrise and Sunset (and Shooting Hours) for turkey, deer, duck, or goose hunting or any activity where sunrise and sunset times are important.
Use your mobile device to notify you of the opening of shooting hours and again when the day's hunt comes to a close.

Shooting Hours was born from days spent in the field checking watches, looking for sunrise and sunset tables and constantly wondering if the information we remembered was accurate. Never again! Simply download Shooting Hours to your device, adjust your settings to match your "Shooting Hours" and wait for Shooting Hours to vibrate your device (where available) to let you know when shooting hours have opened and closed. The application also includes visual Shooting Hours "Open" and "Closed" signs boldly displayed on the main screen.

Shooting Hours Features:
• The ability to calculate accurate sunrise and sunset times based on your location using the GPS in your enabled device.
• Manual location mode to enter your own latitude and longitude for devices that do not offer GPS functionality, of for calculating sunrise and sunset times for locations where GPS reception may not be available.
• Customized "Shooting Hours" settings so that you can set when your shooting hours open and close to adjust for legal hunting hours for a specific species or state/location. Choose from various presets or use your own specific times.
• Vibration notification at the opening and closing of shooting hours, along with visual cue on-screen while the app is running.
• 30-day outlook showing sunrise, sunset and moon phases tables for your current location.

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Disclaimer: Check local, state and federal hunting regulations for complete details on hunting seasons, legal shooting hours and guidelines. Hunt Geek assumes no legal responsibility for misuse of this app or complications arising from its use for a specific purpose.

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