Skate Lessons Intermediate-2



Learn more and improve your rollerblade and inline skate skills from a skilled and experienced instructor. These step-by-step video skate lessons show you the right way to skate and practice, as if you have an instructor with you. Each skating tutorial comes with accompanying detailed notes and also a Practice Exercise Summary so that you practice everything needed in the right order and you know what to focus on. Aimed at the adult intermediate skater, these skating classes will build your repertoire, increase your safety and make your skating look smooth, easy and comfortable as you begin learning new and exciting intermediate level skills.

• Introductory Videos;
General App Intro, Intermediate Intro, Equipment, Weight Distribution and Stance.
Skate Skills Lesson Videos;
Forwards Crossovers, Forward to Backward and Backward to Forward Transitions,
Fitness Skating.
• Expert Demonstrations.
• Step-by-step instructions for safely learning each new skill.
• Common Problems and how to fix them.
• Graphics to explain essential information.
• Technical notes and focus points.
• Practice Exercise Summary (for easy, at-a-glance practice).
• Total of 39 minutes worth of teaching videos.

Asha Kirkby is one of the highest qualified and experienced skate instructors in
the world. She is a trainer of instructors worldwide for the ICP (Inline Certification
Programme) and has taught thousands to skate in her UK skate school Skatefresh in
London and Brighton. As an ex-figure skater in her teens, Asha has been skating for
30 years. These lessons are the culmination of her years of experience teaching and
skating. Her teaching style is direct and to the point and has been tested on many
students with great success. Put an instructor in your pocket and see how much
easier it all becomes. You can only relax on your skates when your technique is good
and you are skating well. This is when it flows, when your skates feel like part of you
(and not separate). Your skating will then make you feel vibrant and alive and you
will start to inspire others with your great skating.

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