Skating Crash!



This is a brilliantly funny app with hundreds of people falling over and general mayhem on two feet.

There are 113 real life footage videos and the first 39 are included with the rest easy to add later!

Kids Falling Down Ice Skating
ice skating
Theo the roller skater
Roller Skate Fall
Accidental Accident Stilts
Trofeu Barcelona 2007 Mireia Marc
Tanja Romano - Short Program - Murcia2006
Roller skating fall
My best falls in artistic roller skating-double salchov doo wop falling like the rain
Christmas Roller Skating Show - Rudolph the red nosed reindeer - Doo Wop
Maddie Gretas Big Skating Adventure
Cheena Rollerblading
cheena rollerblading Fall
Death by Rollerblading
Private Video
Spinning Roller Skaters
Erika and alanah ice skating
West Texas Roller Dollz Falls
Alexandra and her roller skates
Holly Fails at Rollerskating
Yoli Rollerskates
martha falls over
Kimmy Falling Down
Roller Skating First Fall
Falling on Roller Skates
Girl falls on roller skates
Bitter Cold Showdown 2009 by Hawke Trackler
Montre Livingston Edit fall2008
Inline pro skating on halfipes and off street
2009 WRS Pro Tour The Chaz Sands Invitational Liverpool UK
BurninSkates No1
montre livingston SAY WORD ko edit
Aggresive inline street
Chris Haffey Woodward West Jul08
Chris Haffey-Leading The Blind
FallsCentral-Defop Team Video 2004-2005
Best of Falls 1996-2002
E Rodriguez LARJ Hoedown 2008
CJ Wellsmore Remz Australia
Freedom-of-feet by Jacob Juul May09
Deshi CH1
Aggressive Skaters At their best
aggressive inline skating - A grindhouse view on NL3
Aggressive Inline Skating - old daniel prell profile egs part 2
Worst Ice Skating Faceplant
Jessica Dube gets hit by ice skate
Sasha Cohen - 35 Mistakes by Sasha Cohen
Dube - Figure Skating Accident
Ice Skating Bloopers
Ice skating fall
figure skating kick to face
Figure Skating Funny Fall
SO I Fall Again
yuki 08jn-sp 533jpn
My Montage about Figure Skating Falls
2007 Skate Canada - The fall of Denis Melissa
Inline Slalom Skating Training Bloopers
JaNaRolkipl Team at training
Rookie FreeskateInline Vid
Forward Criss-Cross
Private Video
Private Video
1-Foot Slalom
1-Foot Balance
Toe Roll
Spin Stop
2-Foot Transition
Backward Crossover
Forward Eagle Nelson
3 turn in inline skating
Hill Skating
Double Walk
Freestyle Slalom - My First Year
Free Style Slalom Trick - Alternated snake
Free Style Slalom Trick - Italian
Free Style Slalom Trick - Spin
Free Style Slalom Trick -- Double cross
Free Style Slalom Trick - Cross compass
Free Style Slalom Trick - Stroll kazachok
Free Style Slalom Trick - Crazy
Free Style Slalom Trick - Infinity
Free Style Slalom Trick - Cross Nelson
Free Style Slalom Composites Trick - Crazy Sun
Free Style Slalom Trick - The walk
The american - slalom trick
Free Style Slalom Trick - One foot
Free Style Slalom Trick - Rocket
Gay Roller Blade Crash
Skater Towed by Bike Accident
roller blade
Funny Bike Accident
Funny Bike Accidents and Fails
Private Video
Students Catch Drunk Teacher In Class Dancing
A drunk man crossing a crazy bridge
Drunk men having accidents
When drunk people get together
Private Video
Drunk Woman Falls
Caidas en el Patinaje II
Caidas en Patines Raymond Mojica
skate videos accidents accidentes en skate
sk8 more
The Ice Skating Falls
Painful Skate Falls - Crash Collapse Rack Nut Smash Fall Pain Cry
SK8 The Best Tricks of Rodney Mullen

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