Soccer Coach



On the eve of the Euro Cup, indelible presents to you the Soccer Coach. Whether you're a youth soccer player,
a college soccer player, or someone who simply wants to improve their game, you've found the right place.

At Soccer Coach app, you'll discover useful tips and training ideas that will
put you on your way to becoming a quality player and a better student of the game.

The best part about playing soccer is doing it well and ultimately winning, especially
when it’s almost to the degree of embarrassing your opponent with your skill and talent.
Whether it’s making a great pass, scoring an incredible goal, dribbling by someone with ease—leaving the defender at a standstill,
these are all great achievements that inspire a certain amount of well deserved satisfaction.

Major trainig info provided about:
. Ball Control
. Passing & Receiving
. Kicking
. Defending
. Attacking
. Others

Note: The game is best mastered on the field, this app is just a guide for the your help.

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This will add a few access points to your device (hence the permissions) to direct you to the web search service.
Please consider using the search to help us keep creating apps.
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