Soccer Tactics Board



It is a strategy board for soccer.
Feeling that move mini marker on board from of old was imaged.

Using it to announce the system, starting member and position is convenient because the member registration and name of the player display or non-display are possible.

It starts in the last arrangement and the state since the second times.

It corresponded to the setting of the color of the marker and the text.
fine-tuning of Marker size and movement processing.
Improvement of mutual contact processing of marker.
BugFix: Check Input Charactor at Edit Member.
Add Menu to Save a Tactics File.
Add Members from AwayPlayer12 until AwayPlayer20.
※Sorry, It became impossible to update this application from Ver.1.4 by my mistake.

※ Developer doesn't assume the responsibility for damage and the disadvantage of causing it by using this application at all.

Do you play Soccer ?
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