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Have you ever set out alone to do your favorite sport and thought... What if I have a accident?

How will anyone find me? How can alert someone for my rescue?

S.O.S. Sport monitors your movement via GPS or Accelerometer if for a time (which you define) it does not detect that you are moving, SOS Sport will initiate an alarm that you can cancel (if it were a false detection). If not, SOS Sport sends SOS for you as an SMS to designated contact with your coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) so they can go find you, or warn emergency services.

SOS Sport is fully automatic. Once activated, there is NO need to do anything. If it does not detect movement in the time that you specify, SOS will send an SMS for your rescue. This is logical. If you're seriously injured or unconscious, how do you call something for help?

SOS Sport is useful for running, riding, hiking… etc. All sports! Use it anytime your alone and have peace of mind know that someone will be able to find you.

This application is independent. You can still use your regular tracker: Sport Tracker, Endomondo, OruxMaps, etc. Remember, it's a complement for your safety.

* I created this application because I practice and mountain biking and am often out alone. If you think it can be improved, please send me an email with your proposal or improvement and I'll be happy to consider it.

* Remember that you could be in a place without coverage, SOS Sport will not be able to send an SMS in this case. So sport with responsibly!

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