Sports Speed Clock Lite



With nearly 50 pre-set distance buttons for 10 sports, Sports Speed Clock (SSC) offers plenty of choice for any sports enthusiast. Sports included are:

~ Target Archery;
~ Athletics;
~ Baseball;
~ Ten-Pin Bowling;
~ Cricket;
~ Cycling;
~ Football;
~ Hockey;
~ Rowing; and
~ Swimming.

Sports Speed Clock includes the following features:

Lite/Full version:
√ Automatic lap counter
√ Speed and average speed calculator
√ A clear, colorful and intuitive interface
√ Stopwatch

Full version:
√ ‘Coach's clipboard’, which allows the user to save speed and distance data to the phone's memory
√ A settings menu that allows the user to choose from multiple distances and decide whether to measure in feet or meters; Mph or Km/h; and one or two decimal places
√ Email clipboard data, which is useful for printing and copying into documents etc.

Distance pre-sets allow the user to adjust distances rapidly and easily. For example, ‘Athletics’ includes the following pre-sets for: 60m; 100m; 110m; 200m; 300m; 400m; 600m; 1500m; 3000m; 5000m; and 10'000m. However, if 10 sports and nearly 50 pre-set distances are not enough, SSC allows the user to input a custom distance in feet or metres to measure across almost any distance.

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