Sporty Morty



Sporty Morty™ is a great way to win awesome prizes by making the most noise. You earn a point every time you make a sound with Sporty Morty™ and the top three finishers win an awesome prize!

Download this app and play if you have ever...

- Been to a little league, college, or professional game and wanted to make some extra noise from the stands.
- Wanted to compete against others for great prizes.
- Watched a sporting event with friends on TV and wanted to cheer for your team or boo your friend's team.
- Wanted to Tweet updates about your favorite team and have them read by other Sporty Morty™ players.
- Just thought it was fun to make noise!

You don't have to be watching a sporting event in order to contend. Use Sporty Morty™ when you are at a party, on the golf course, or at home with friends.

Tweet updates to #SportyMorty13 and have your tweets read by other Sporty Morty™ players.

Track your points on the leader board to see how your competition is stacking up.

Good luck!

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