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If you referee and score squash matches then Squash Scorer Plus will help you by recording the score leaving you to concentrate on what's important, the game. It may also be used to keep a record of matches entered afterwards.

Squash Scorer Plus is the next step up from the free application, Squash Scorer

Squash Scorer Plus can do everything that Squash Scorer can do as well as being able to score doubles matches, record lets, strokes and other refereeing decisions, produce a complete WSF scoresheet as an attachment to an email, produce more comprehensive statistics as well as graphical representations of games and export and import your database of scored matches

Additional Help is available from within the app via the menu button if you have internet access. To use Squash Scorer Plus

Choose opponents on the match info screen, navigate to the scoring screen and tep the player's names ( traditional "hand out/point won" scoring is also available) or long press on the player's names to activate the quick let/stroke awarding. The app will keep track of the score and as long as you start the server on the correct side (tap on the greyed out ball to change to that side), it'll keep track of their serving side too. Use the more calls button to make referee decisions such as conduct warnings and penalties or to indicate a break in play

It works for both PARs and HiHo scoring systems and allows you to set the number of points per game and games per match. It supports both "best of" and a "set number" of games. It includes optional timers to keep track of the warmup, post-warmup-pre-match and times between games as well as injury times. You can optionally enable a match duration timer which always shows on the scorer screen

It supports scoring for timed singles matches. You can define the number of periods played and their length as well as the length of the breaks between each. It supports carrying over the score from period to period (giving a total score at the end) or treating each timed period as a separate game and awarding each period as a game to the player who is in front at the end of each

At the end of a timed period, you may immediately finish or may defer finishing until the current point has been completed. You may defer as many times as you like

It automatically keeps track of the doubles serving order and receiving sides. Three serving orders, International (AXBY), Australian (AXYB) or Hardball (A,XYAB) are supported

It handles deuce by allowing you to select the player's choice of one more, two more or you may select two ahead. For doubles hardball, the deuce options become No Set, Set 3 or Set 5 as appropriate

You can choose players from your contact list or enter them manually. A player edit screen allows you to rename and merge players

The app maintains a history of the games that have been scored and you can view statistics regarding the matches (long press on the match) such as game and match durations, percentages of points won from the left or right and statistics about the players such as their number of wins and numbers of wins against other players.

The app can also display the results of a game in a form compatible with the WSF Score Sheet as well as being able to actually produce a scoresheet for emailing. It can also show each game's progression graphically. To access the scoresheet and graph views, swipe on the match details screen

The undo button on the scorer screen will undo the last action (point awarded, handout as well as lets, strokes and so on) and may be used as many times as you like and at any time you like

You can export your database which will become an email attachment. You can import from the exported file if it is detached to /sdcard This allows you to share matches with other people and between your own devices and backup and restore your own matches if you upgrade your device

Using Twitter, Facebook or email, you can choose to Share current or historical match scores

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