Stat My Tennis Pro

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    This application is for tennis parents, coaches, and tennis enthusiasts.
    It will help you to record tennis matches AND give you match statistics for further analysis.

    All you need to do is record the scoring shots and serves by a tap-and-drag motion over the virtual tennis court, and this app will do the rest:
    - keeps the match scoring
    - automatically reflects players' side and serve changes
    - collects match statistics
    - provides a way for advanced shot recording - registering shot styles, types and errors
    - collects timed free text comments

    In addition, StatMyTennis provides the following after match services:
    - generates detailed match report shots view and points chart (limited in Lite version).
    - "replays" entire match shot-by-shot;
    - shares reports with coaches and friends.
    - reloads matches from the archive or receives matches recorded by other StatMyTennis users (by e-mail)

    The following actions are available only in Pro version:
    - save matches in the archive
    - send matches to other StatMyTennis users

    Starting with tracking simple, scoring shots, you can enrich final statistics by recording "first serve faults", shot characteristics, and comments.

    And last but not least, StatMyTennis will help you be busy and useful during the matches of your loved ones and as a result less nervous.

    The current version is limited to singles matches.

    Feel free to give us any improvement recommendations and we will implement them in further versions.

    Please visit for more.
    Enjoy the game!

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