Strokecoach is a stroke counter and timer app for rowing coaches.

- Count strokes per minute
- Display 5 times and 10 times measurement averages
- Measure cycle times of multiple boats concurrently
- Start timers all at once or in groups
- Share cycle times through email, twitter, facebook, sms, etc

Please notice that this is a private project, done in my spare time. I only own
three android devices and can not check the functionality on every other
android device.

So, before rating this app bad, please send bug reports to or
file a bugreport at
Do not use the comments to file bug reports.

Feature Request:
If you want to see any special feature implemented, please file it as a feature request at, or send an eMail to
I am searching for people translating the App to different languages. So if you want to help
send me a note !

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