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Taekwondo Masterkit is the ultimate set of tools for Taekwondo students.This app is completely compatible with both android phones and tablets! Taekwondo Masterkit is not affiliated with any clubs or WTF Taekwondo. Rather all demonstrations are performed by martial artists fulfilling their hobby.

Sparring Scorer
The sparring scorer will allow you to score a martial arts spar by simply tapping on the red or blue section. It also contains a customisable stopwatch, warnings, point deductions, and wireless multi-judge capabilities.
- Innovative scoring system – Simply tap the red or blue section to add a point (no need to click small buttons).
- Live Tactile feedback which vibrates when the screen is pressed.
- A stopwatch to time matches with customisable round times.
- Easy to use warning and point deduction system
- Keyboard compatible - Use a wireless keyboard metres away to score a spar.
- Multi-Judge capabilities through the use of wireless keyboards, with many customisable options
- LongPress short-cuts to deduct points, reset timer, and reset match

Taekwondo Masterkit contains all Taegeuk patterns (1-8), as well as Koryo, Keumgang, and Taebaek.
- Full video demonstrations of patterns in high quality (original videos are stored on device, not streamed over the internet)
- Written step-by-step instructions
- Meaning of the pattern
- Instructional diagram of the pattern

Taekwondo Masterkit contains a complete terminology list! This can include common Taekwondo commands translated from Korean to English.

Designed to build your reflexes and speed. This computerized coach will guide you through techniques and drills! Perform a move on the air or on a punching bag when the app commands you.
- Ability to set speed intervals
- Set either a random or regular pattern for the app to make sounds
- Set sound to a simple 'beep' or even call out martial art techniques! Select from a pre-set list, or use up to 8 custom slots!

Kick Tutorial
Taekwondo Masterkit contains an in-depth tutorial of all popular taekwondo kicks. This includes a tabbed setup containing a written tutorial and HD images at key points of the kick. Most importantly, each kick also includes a slow motion video demonstration at two angles!
- Front Kick
- Roundhouse (Turning) Kick
- Shuffle Roundhouse (Turning) Kick
- 45 Kick
- Double Roundhouse Kick
- Push Kick
- Back Kick
- Side Kick
- Axe Kick
- Jumping Axe Kick
- Reverse Turning (Back Hook) Kick
- Jumping Reverse Turning (Back Hook) Kick
- 180 (Tornado) Kick
- Jumping Back Kick
- Jumping Back Kick (Sports)
- Flying Side Kick

Technique Tutorial
This technique tutorial provides an in-depth tutorial of all popular taekwondo blocks, strikes, and stances. This includes a tabbed setup containing a written tutorial and HD images. Most importantly, each move also includes a slow motion video demonstration!

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