Tennis Watch for MN2 TRIAL



"Tennis Watch" is Tennis scoring application for Sony SmartWatch MN2.
If you put on "Sony SmartWatch" where "Tennis Watch for MN2" was installed in, You can directly score the poin by yourself under a game of tennis.
You do not have to be careful not to forget the current score because the "Tennis Watch" display it during a game and you can confirm it at first sight.
I'm sure you'll be able to concentrate on a play of the game more than before.

** HOW TO USE **

 * Please do not forget that you bring your SmartPhone on the side of the coat,  because TennisWatch and SmartPhone always need to communicate with each other by Bluetooth.
put on the SmartWatchMN2, take a Towel, water and SmartPhone on the bench which there is beside a coat... thats it!

* If a game is finished, it is necessary to turn off the display of Tennis Watch by pushing the power button so that battery does not run out.
This is because displays are always turned on to make visibility better during the game.


* The screen is divided into top side and bottom side, and the point is added to the side where you touched.
(recommendation [top : opponent] [bottom : own] )
* Swipe to Left - UNDO
* Swipe to Right - REDO (It is possible to enable or disable)
* Swipe to Up - A menu is displayed and you can clear the current game.

** How to set the Game Rules **
(LiveWare Manager or Smart Connect on your smartphone)

* select one from [Deuce|NoAdvantage|SemiNoAdvantage] scoring.
* select one from [1set|3set|5set] match.
* select one from [2-8] games.
* set the Apply Tiebreak or No Tiebreak.
After the change of the game rule, the point that "Tennis Watch" manages is recalculated.

Please check here if you do not know “Sony SmartWatch MN2.

LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

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