View topographical (terrain) maps, place markers, plan routes, record your movements, and track the positions of your Google+ friends.
- To place a marker, tap on the map
- To plan a route, long press on the map, then tap along your route, then tap on "Record"
- To back up when route planning, long press on the map
- To enable GPS tracking, tap on "GPS"
- To keep your route pointing up, tap on "GPS" again
- To mark your current position, tap on "Mark"
- To record your movements, tap on "Record"
- To view a marker's information window, tap on the marker
- To name or delete a marker, tap on a marker's information window
- To wait for a tracking invitation, tap on "G+ Sign in", sign in, and tap on "Wait for Invitation"
- To send tracking invitations, tap on "G+ Sign in", sign in, and tap on "Invite Friends"
- When finished friend tracking, tap on "Quit" and "Sign Out"
- Requires Google Play Services app
- Friend tracking requires a Google Services connection (colored signal strength bars)

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