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    The uBike app can listen to ANT+ cycling sensors, displays the data beautifully on your Android phone (with graphs, multiple screens, etc). Moreover, you can also view your training live on our website ( which is very handy for coaches and spectators. Our goal is give you correct data in an understandable way and to make your training more interesting and fun!

    uBike is a very intelligent app which can listen to many sensors (ANT+/ Bluetooth) while you cycling, such as:
    - Bike Speed Sensor (Bontrager, Timex, etc)
    - Bike Cadence Sensor (Garmin, Wahoo, etc)
    - Bike Speed Cadence Sensor (Garmin, Wahoo, etc)
    - Heart Rate Monitor (e.g. Garmin, Suunto, Wahoo, Zephyr, Adidas, BBB, etc)
    - Cycling power meter (SRM, Power2Max, CycleOps, etc)

    BroxTech developed an Android app specifically for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Active because the smartphone:
    - Is waterproof and dust proof
    - Supports ANT+ (Garmin, SRM, etc.)
    - Is lightweight and designed for outdoor activities
    - Has a handy holder for the handlebars
    The application also works fine on other Android 4.0+ telephones using a USB On-The-Go cable and an ANT+ USB stick.

    - Easy pairing with Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors
    - Real-time graphs while your cycling
    - Dynamic display (you can choose what you want to see on you screen)
    - Voice feedback, like every 2 minutes your haert rate or anything else you choose
    - GPS tracking
    - Built in upload to your own account in TrainingPeaks
    - Easy exports (PWX-file, GPX-file, SRM-training file, FIT-trainings-file **)
    - Live website with dynamic graph
    - Email or upload using Dropbox your cycling data to any email address you like
    - Email upload to Strava

    - English (US)
    - Dutch
    - Portuguese, thanks to Joao Samora
    - Polish, thanks to Kamil Bojanowicz
    - French, thanks to Patrick Montanari
    - Italian, thanks to Daniele Covino

    The release of the ANT+ Radio Service (04.01.00) breaks uBike release 1.4.3 and older. The 1.4.4 uBike and later releases work correctly with this latest update.

    New in 1.2
    - All attachments in one zipped file
    - Work around for GMail not accepting zip files (extension changed to gz)
    - Temporary files are deleted when not needed anymore
    - Heart rate interval graphs (not exported to files yet)

    New in 1.3
    - uBike can send Tweet with hyperlink to live map.
    - Bicycle profiles; you can now choose a bike instead of tire size only.
    - ANT-pairing is bicycle specific
    - Link to live map / graph on in the mails you send from uBike
    - Continuous Heart Rate Variance. Calculated constantly over the past 2 minutes.
    - Improved ANT pairing.
    - Support of Portuguese language (many thanks to Joao Samora)
    - Support for Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart rate band
    - Altitude calibration
    - Many bugs solved

    New in 1.3.1
    - Solved bug that slowed uBike
    - Solved bug that stopped replay of historic data

    New in 1.3.4
    - Solved bug in large mails

    New in 1.4
    - New file format: Golden Cheetah CSV file
    - Choice of file formats to save and share (settings >> Cloud & Share settings)
    - Intervals. Use camera button. Supported in PWX, Golden Cheetah file formats
    - Extra options for dimming the screen:
    * No dimming
    * Screen off after some time, but wave of hand wakes the screen
    * Screen off after some time. Handy for jersey usage
    - Wind direction when using Kestrel 4500
    - Bugs solved in cloud sharing, file saving and improved battery life.
    - Some new advanced and experimental options: Settings >> option extra fields:
    * Heart rate zones. Showing colors for the zone your heart rate is at
    * Heart rate recovery (shown in Heart rate graph when extra fields are on)
    * Support for stride sensor
    * Crank torque (when using crank power meter)
    * Wheel torque (when using wheel power meter)

    New in 1.4.2
    - Upload to Strava

    New in 1.4.8
    - Bug fixes for tablets and Suunto Dual

    **= FIT files work best with the OSX application Ascent.

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