BroxTech has created a special Android app named 'uPowerLabs' with which you can connect to multiple ANT+ bicycle power sensors. You can connect with 4 power-sensors at the same time. Simultaniously, you can still use the other 4 ANT+ channels for other sensors such as heartrate monitor, speed sensor, etc.

The display of uPowerLabs is dynamic. You can have on big window with a graph with max. four powermeters, see screenshots. Or you can have two or more windows in landscape view. Or you can have multiple windows in vertical mode.

In the left-top corner of every window you see the average in green, in the right-top corner you see the maximum. The big numbers in black are the actual values. You can add or remove windows from the display as follows: settings >> display >> windows >> choose number of windows. You can change the fields, values and units of what is shown, by long-clicking on the window. You can install the app, by downloading the .apk-file on your Sony Xperia Active. Finally, if you are working with multiple power meters, you'll get the pop-up calibrate powersensor, you should click yes, and than all power meters will be calibrated.

uPowerLab 1.1:
- Email with TrainingPeaks PWX files (along the GPX, FIT, SRM and CSV files)
- Built in immediate upload of data to TrainingPeaks
- Better implementation of spoken data.

New in 1.2
- All attachments in one zipped file
- Work around for GMail not accepting zip files (extension changed to gz)
- Temporary files are deleted when not needed anymore
- Heart rate interval graphs (not exported to files yet)
- Instead of simultaneous 4 power meters, we now support 3 power meters and an ANT Suunto heart rate belt, besides an ANT+ heart rate band.

New in 1.3
- uBike can send Tweet with hyperlink to live map.
- Bicycle profiles; you can now choose a bike instead of tire size only.
- ANT-pairing is bicycle specific
- Improved ANT pairing.
- Link to live map / graph in the mails you can send from uBike
- Continuous Heart Rate Variance. Calculated constantly over the past 2 minutes.
- Support of Portuguese language (thanks to Joao Samora)
- Support for Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart rate band
- Altitude calibration
- Many bugs solved

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