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TEST MODE works for Gingerbread Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich

This app works ONLY with an EXTERNAL USB barometric pressure sensor and does NOT work with the internal barometric pressure sensor.

From the menu you can use the 'Test Mode' and adjust the sink/lift frequencies and thresholds, QNH reading from a location near you and units of measurement imperial/metric.

Once in Test Mode, a SeekBar will be displayed to allow you to test your changes.

If your Android version is Ice Cream Sandwich AND your phone supports USB Host Mode, You have a USB On The Go cable and an adapter to the sensor USB mini connector (pictures available on our website) continue reading:

You then purchase the External (USB) Barometric Pressure Sensor available at our website this application BECOMES ALIVE.

The pressure read from the external sensor is then converted to altitude based on QNH and the vertical speed is displayed together with the temperature.

Accuracy is 0.1 millibar which translates to 70 cm or 27.5 inches.

This is accurate enough to use it as an additional indicator in the pocket of your hangglider or paraglider harness or take it with you in your sailplane or ultralight.

Do NOT USE this device as your main Altimeter/Variometer! Its accuracy is NOT good enough to use it as a flight instrument.

This is not a flying instrument but just a gadget that ... works.

If you're not flying you can still use it as an altimeter a thermometer or a barometer or all those put together in an application - on your phone.

Have fun and ... Happy Landings!

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