We-Ski pro Espace Killy

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    "We-Ski pro Espace Killy" is the professional version of "We-Ski" and provides offline ski maps for you to location yourself when you are in Espace Killy ski resort (France). Because they are offline maps, once you install it, you don't need any data plan to use it.

    The profession version of Ski GPS has two map modes.

    1. Open street mode
    2. Resort map mode

    With "open street mode", your locations are based on the latitude and longitude data and we show your position on the open street map when you are in the ski trails.

    With "resort map mode", we transfer your current latitude/longitude location into X/Y positions of the image map that Espace Killy ski resort provides. You can have better understand where you are on the ski trails.

    Map data licensed CC-BY-SA OpenStreetMap (OpenStreetMap Foundation and contributors)
    This data is not guaranteed to be correct - use at your own risk.

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