Weng Chun Kung Fu App



The world wide first Weng Chun Kung Fu App is presented by

Grandmaster Andreas Hoffmann.

The App includes:

Two languages​​: German and English

1.0. Weng Chun Kung Fu History
1.1. South Shaolin
1.2. Philosophy
1.3. Abt Chi Sin Sim Si
1.4. Red Boat
1.5. The 19th Century
1.6. Wai Yan
1.7. Dai Duk Lan
1.8. The Present
2.0 Weng Chun Kung Fu Forms
3.0 YouTube Videos
4.0 Weng Chun Kung Fu News
4.1. Osnabrück School Da Sihing Humberto Santos
4.2. Bamberg School Grand Master Andreas Hoffmann
5.0 Link to the website of the Gandmaster Andres Hoffmann
6.0 Link to the website of the Da Sihing Humberto Santos

We wish you all a lot of fun with the app.

Developed by Marcin Janusz. All Rights Reserved.

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