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== What is it? ==
What's the Score is an award winning sports scorekeeping application which allows you to share live updates of your game to anyone in the world.

Keep the score of your game with the What's the Score app. What's the Score creates an online gamepage and displays every update you add instantly. What's the Score allows anyone, anywhere in the world to follow your game as it happens!

== How do I use it? ==
1) Download the app
2) Create your game
3) Keep the score
4) Share your game!
That's it! Anyone following the game online gets every update you post as soon as it syncs online.

See an example gamepage here! http://whatsthescore.ie/live/view/78

What's the Score is free and currently supports Basketball, Soccer, Rugby and GAA.

== App Features ==
Create your game in seconds
Add updates with one touch
Easy to use interface
View match gamepage live online to share with your friends
Update your fans online with game specific updates
Arrive late update screen

== Online Features ==
Live online game scoreboard
View live game scores anywhere in the world
Score history chart
Easy to follow game timeline
Responsive design, scales down for mobile browsers.

== Testimonials ==

"What's the Score is a simple but well executed idea. The app is simple to use for basic score entry, but the scoring during a game can be enhanced with comments if available. The website acts as a nice dashboard for all reported games or for an individual game. And it all looks great!" - John Breslin, Founder of boards.ie

"This app is a great idea that could benefit so many clubs in Ireland, especially underage GAA! Really simple to use!" - Niall Burke, Galway Senior Hurler

Anything you would like to see in future updates? Having problems with one aspect of the app? Something not working for you? Let us know what you think of the app at @whats_thescore.

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