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The [start] or [volume up] is launching the countdown like the race timer in the sailing watches. pronounces amount of time till the start moment, produces sound and vibrating signals at the corresponding moments till the start (according to the configuration).

The [sync] or [volume down] adjusts the countdown according to the configured sync moments (flags).

The countdown digits, current time and speed are displayed during the countdown. is collecting the GPS data for the track report and informs You about the speed changes during the session. Session stops when the [stop] or [volume up] is pressed.

SPEED INFO DURING THE WORKOUT (optional) pronounces the value of the top or bottom speed each time right after the corresponding speed changes during the session. The app also beeps and vibrates once per second during the speed growth. It also beeps and vibrates twice per second during the growth of the max speed of the session.
The current, average and maximum speeds, direction, coordinates, time and distance are displayed on the screen during the session when the countdown is completed.

GPS DATA receives the GPS data on the level of Android API by default. Meanwhile app can be configured to read the GPS locations directly from the NMEA protocol. excludes the GPS data with the bad accuracy from the consideration. You can configure the accuracy filtering for both variants of GPS data sources (NMEA protocol and Android API level).

GPS TRACK REPORT generates the report about the GPS track right after the session is finished. The report contains:
1. Summary information about the track (time, distance and average speed).
2. Summary information about the track's segments with the best speed (best 2 seconds, best 10 seconds, best 100 meters, best 250 meters, best 500 meters and best nautical mile)
3. The trace of GPS track can be drawn using the gradient lines and points and highlighted borders. Each kind of the segment is presented as a separate layer (i.e. can be turned off).
4. The dependence of the max speed on the direction is displayed on the polar chart.
5. The changes of the speed during the session are shown on the speed chart.

The report allows You to change the zoom level to focus on particular part graphic information. You can click on any GPS point to see the location details in the popup (time, speed, coordinates, accuracy and etc.). Meanwhile the GPS track report itself is just a simple html file. It means that You do not need any special software except browser to analyze the GPS track. can also generate the GPS track in the GPX or KML format.

ABILITY TO SHARE THE GENERATED REPORT allows You to share the report using any installed software which is able to transfer the file (Google Drive, Email and etc.). For example You can send a report to any device with the better screen capabilities (laptop or desktop) for detailed investigation. collects Your reports and allows You to list all the collected reports in the chronological order. I.e. You can open, transfer or delete any report later at any time.

You can also make a screenshot of the report and share it using any installed software which is able to transfer the images (Facebook, Instagram, Viber and etc.)


The [sos] allows You to send the SOS message to the predefined set of recipients via SMS. The predefined text and Your GPS location will be included into the outgoing SMS message.

If WindRace or is installed on the recipient's device then the extra notifications will be produced on such a device. The beep and vibrate signals (Morse codes of sos) are produced upon receiving of the SMS with the SOS message. also pronounces the voice notification. The recipient can tap on the notification to see the sender's location on Google Maps.

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