ZChron Stopwatch Unlocker



The ideal chronometer-stopwatch for the track use, developed after years of experience on the field, now with HOLO THEME!

Main features:
-Start, stop, pause and lap time, even with volume keys
-6 parallel chronometers with swipe gesture ot change or all together in the same screen (only 2 in free-version)
-Maximum 200 laps per chronometer
-Times grid with gap from the best lap or previous lap, highlighting of best and worst time
-Collapsing chronometer part to give more space to times grid
-Summary part with best time, total session time, current lap
-Delete wrong laps by multi-selection
-Start/stop or lap time via hand-move over proximity sensor. Reset by keeping the hand in front of it
-Share times to other applications or save to csv
-Save session times with driver, track and note
-Sessions summary with Google Now Cards layout
-Session times graph view with sessions comparison
-Backup/restore session times
-All 6 chronometers at the same time on the screen
-Shake the device to start/stop or laps time.
Useful in fields like radio controlled models, when you have the hands busy by the radio and you want to time you by yourself shaking your ankle

Feed me back if something is wrong or ask me for new implementations

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