1-Ap Light Sensor



Light Sensor ( light meter ). Measures ambient light.

- You can calibrate it (many devices doesn´t provide measurements in any standard unit).
- It shows you maximun,minimum and average measures.
- Units: lux (but you can use other units introducing a multiplication factor).

It will only show measures in compatible devices.
Because of the resolution of the light sensor of some devices like Samsung Galaxy S2, in some devices the app will only give measures with a resolution of 10^n lux ( 10 lux, 100 lux, 1.000 lux...) or other kind of scale. It´s not a bug of the app, it´s due to the resolution of the sensor of these devices.

You should also keep in mind that this software shows the measures given by the device and so, if the device sensor doesn´t give good quality measures (it happens in some devices), this software won´t either give good quality measures. Please do not vote negative in that cases.

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