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Note: This app is no longer being actively developed. If it doesn't do what you need, contact me for a refund within 7 days of purchasing.

2SendTab is the authorized 3rd-party Android interface to the SendTab URL-sharing service, Sendtab.com.

2SendTab connects you to a private group in the cloud so you can share links instantly between *any* devices added to that cloud.  This means from any device to any device.  You get to decide.

* Provides a background Service! No more hitting the Fetch button manually! You decide how often to check, you control your battery and network usage.
* Cleans Shared URL's. Yep, Twitter clients often Share not just the URL, but also the text. Pro cleans the text so you can easily send just the URL to your other devices!
* History of URLs sent to/from this device! (Menu)


How to use:
1. First, register an account at http://sendtab.com. Install the computer browser extension (Google Chrome or Apple Safari are available now. Ask THEM to write a FireFox plugin...)
2. Install and run 2SendTab Pro, it will ask for your information.
3. After a successful Setup, use it!

To send a URL from your Android, in any application that supports it (like your web browser, for example), use the "Share" or "Send to" feature to send the URL to "2SendTab Pro" - it will then popup and give you a list of your registered http://sendtab.com target devices. Click on one to send it, it's that simple!

To send a URL to your phone from your computer running Google Chrome, first make sure you've installed the extension. Now just use the extension to select your phone. There's a bookmarklet on http://sendtab.com that allows Firefox to send URLs, but not receive.

NOTE: SendTab.com doesn't yet have a real "push" server, so this client does a timed "poll" for updates.

For the new icon, a special THANK YOU to Kewedia Solutions Co. (http://www.kewedia.com) and Some Random Dude (http://somerandomdude.com/work/iconic)

Keywords: Nexus7, tablet, phone, Chrome, multiple devices, share links, Chrome to Phone, Mac, Windows, Push Page to other devices, RIL, Pocket

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