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Ever felt vulnerable walking home alone?

Found yourself in an unfamiliar area for work?

3D Protect is For You.

3D Protect is a simple and effective personal safety app featuring cutting edge tech and is super-easy to use..

One button triggers location tracking and sends an alert text to your chosen contacts with a login details for 3dprotect.co.uk which lets them see real-time reports of your location.

PIN entry disables the tracker, although a duress alert can be triggered by entering a preset alternate PIN.

When an alert is triggered, your location is constantly updated to the secure 3D Protect Support Service. It doesn't matter about signal - 3D Protect is designed to use every sensor available on your device to figure out where you are and your location will be updated when possible.

****PREMIUM VERSION ONLY https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.protect3d ****NFC Technology allows you to check in to 'safe locations', using unique 3D Protect SmartSafe Tags - Available from our store (See: www.3dprotectsoftware.com)

Tags could be, for example, attached to your desk at work, indicating safe arrival when tapped.

3D Protect for Android is one component of the wider 3D Protect personal safety system. Bespoke hardware and software is available to corporate partners as well as unique hardware for individuals. For more information, email contact@3dprotect.co.uk

Visit www.3dprotectsoftware.com for more information

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Business - To - Business options are available on request - E-Mail queries to contact@3dprotect.co.uk

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