(~5th gen) Pokémon IVs Checker



[!] plan for "pokèmon X,Y"
I'll support by new application.
Please check Japanese app page if you know detail.

Japanese / English
If language setting isn't Japanese, this application change English mode automatically.

This tool is individual values (IVs) calculator of Pokémon.
If you input Pokémon and Nature and Level (and Effort values), you can calculate IVs.
And, you can know type of "Hidden Power".

・Calculate individual values of Pokémon
・Judge Power and Type of "Hidden Power". (Need: IVs is decided)

・Now, problem isn't reported. If you find problem, please report the problems.

I'm beginner of programing, so maybe there is unknown problem in this tool...
So, when I find problem and there is report of error, I'll fix this application.
After read these caution, if you install this application, I'm glad.

Tags: gen 5 pokmon iv checker , pokemon ivs tester

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