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A Better Date Calculator FREE

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** For PRO version go here: http://goo.gl/Hz8ML **
Advantages of PRO version:
- no ads (no bandwidth used)
- full list of timezones
- email out results (no limit)
- Difference tab takes time input in addition to date
- ability to increase font size for hi-res devices
- gratitude from me, your developer :-)

Easy to use, multi-functional Date Calculator/Day Calculator/Age Calculator/Timezone Calculator/Converter and Leap Year Calculator.
Calculate difference between two dates or compute a new date by adding or subtracting days or weeks from a selected start date. It's also a time zone and unixtime/timestamp converter. Both conversions are supported, to unix timestamp and from unix timestamp. Handy productivity tool for system administrators and frequent travellers. It's the Swiss-army knife of date calculations. You share the results via email (maximum 5 emails in this free version).

- day of the week (pick a start date on any tab)
- past leap years, future leap years (via Difference tab)
- prescription renewal date (via Date Add tab)
- project deadline or projected end date (via Date Add tab)
- current/past/future time in another part of the world (via Timezone tab)
- convert a date to unix-time/unix epoch/timestamp (via Unixtime tab)
- convert unix timestamps back to human readable format (via Unixtime tab)
- how many seconds/days/weeks you've been alive (via Difference tab)
- how long until your next birthday (via Difference tab)
- how long until next vacation or holiday (via Difference tab)
- how many leap years in the next century (via Difference tab)
- email out maximum of 5 results

To check for Leap Years click on the Difference tab.
For starting date select any day in prior to year you want to check.
For ending date select any day following the year range you want to check.
Last line in the result screen will tell you if any years with leap days exist in the date range selected.
Example: To check if 2012 is a leap year select any day in 2011 as start date and any day in 2013 as end date. Last line in the next screen will tell you if 2012 is a leap year.

A paid/PRO version without ads is now also available. Other benefits include full list of timezones supported by your device and more granular Difference tab functionality that lets you adjust the time as well as date. You can also email out unlimited number of results. Search for "A Better Date Calculator PRO" or follow one of the links below:
http://goo.gl/Hz8ML OR

Ratings and comments are much appreciated.

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Recently changed in this version

- changed background colour for results screen. Some newer devices sometimes did not render black background in the box making the text hard to read.

Comments and ratings for A Better Date Calculator FREE
  • (67 stars)

    by Jack Stonington on 15/09/2013

    This is a Joke not at app, I used it once and it is nothing but an advertisement for buying the pro or other products. Since installing my App Alert (CPU Usage Alert) is warning me every 15 seconds using up to 80%. Uninstalling and not looking back. Th

  • (67 stars)

    by A Google User on 17/11/2012

    A little clunky but works as intended. Wouldn't it he cool if you could calculate business days? Say I want to start something in x date and finish in ten business days. Maybe as part if a future release.

  • (67 stars)

    by Ed on 30/08/2012

    So far it's excellent.

  • (67 stars)

    by rachel on 19/03/2012

    like i said in title ok

  • (67 stars)

    by David C on 28/02/2012

    Easy to use, and accurate for days-difference between dates AND for days-delta forward+ back- from a start date. Get the PRO version for global choice of timezones for: At this time here, what day&time is it there?

  • (67 stars)

    by Helga on 22/02/2012

    Neat little app. Man, I felt so sorry for you I just had to pay for the app. I hope this helps buy you a coffee or beer. You've certainly earned it. Keep up the good work.

  • (67 stars)

    by Ravindra on 20/02/2012

    this software is it chargable please let me know