A-SMS FULL- archive & backup



A-SMS is a backup software (ARCHIVE) that stores your messages with a click in an HTML file. No matter how many SMS you have: you'll always know where your messages are located. You can open the HTML files from any PC or mobile station.
A-SMS FULL will allow you to archive your SMS up to "INFINITIVES" days back.
A-SMS FULL version will allow you to decide how to set the name of file for your SMS, how many days back !!
A FULL-SMS automatically nominate the name of the file with "today's date" and the program will add to the name "+ the days back" saved.
Example: 26052012+7.html.
If you still want to change the name of the file you CAN DO IT!
FREE UPGRADE for 1 year !

Send me an email to: claudio.narra79@gmail.com if you have any question.

Thanks and see you soon.

Claudio Narra

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