A Timed Brightness



An application or a widget to quick change the LCD screen brightness level. You can add the widget to your home screen to quickly adjust your LCD brightness. In additional, there is a special brightness scheduler built-in. You can schedule the brightness to be set at the specific time. For the reason of saving battery life, you don't need ultra bright LCD screen during night or indoor. For example, you can schedule LCD brightness to 50% level at 7:00am in the morning; change brightness level to 25% at 6:00pm; lower brightness to 10% at 10pm. So you can create any combination you want .

Limitation for FREE version:
1. Cannot temporarily disable schedule
2. Only 3 schedules are available

Special note: The LCD brightness won't be immediately applied to bother you when the schedule goes off and you are using the phone or other applications are in the foreground. The brightness level change is applied during any LCD power mode change, such as LCD dims, locked, or unlocked, or wake up.

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