A919Tool: Instant boost for your RAM and other useful tools

This is an alternative app to Smart RAM Booster, Rebooter, Sd-booster, Screen-off and lock, Torch, EasyTouch, Screenshot-It, SMS Toast, and AdrenalineBoost V3/V6 Supercharger's !fastengineflush.sh application/scripts.
this is a minimalist and lightweight app, no ads, no bloatwares. Just simply your phone's bestfriend.

* For Rooted devices only *

This app is custom built for the MyPhone A919 Duo Android SmartPhone (Mobistel Cynus T2, Micromax A110 Canvas 2, MTK6577, i-mobile IQ2, TOOKY T83). Works also for other devices, only toggling of capacitive LED button lights feature is not fully tested.

*** Features ***

■■ HyperAxlr8: Instant boost for your RAM.
* 1 Click RAM Booster.
* Small memory consumption only 5.1Mb, unlike other RAM boosters that consumes 50-60Mb in RAM.
* This is NOT yet another task killer application, it's a totally different app feature that reclaims RAM without killing running apps and services (frequently killing tasks and services causes battery drain).
* Replacement for AdrenalineBoost V3 and !FastEngineFlush.sh from V6 SuperCharger scripts.
* No need for flashing via CWM or running via Terminal/Console.

■■ Nitrous Oxide Service (NOS): HyperAxlr8 Overlay button.
* Boost RAM whenever, wherever.

■■ HyperAxlr8 Scheduler: user friendly version of V6 SuperCharger's Flush-O-Matic (FOM)
* Boost RAM @ pre-defined intervals

■■ Capacitive LED buttons: Toggle for turning off/on Capacitive LED button lights.
* Saves your phone's precious battery juice.

■■ SMS Count Overlay: Provides SMS Notification, can be used with any launcher.
* Notification for received SMS in any desktop of your launcher.
* Option to set SMS refresh intervals in app's settings.
* Has widget support you can use in your homescreen

■■ Screenshot: Why waste your energy pressing the tedious vol-down+power button for a screenshot.
* Easily capture awesome screenshots of your phone.

■■ Screen Off: Helps reduce abrasion of your phone’s power button.
* Has an Overlay button so you can turn off your screen using any desktop of your launcher.
* To enable screen off feature, app must be given device admin permission to lock screen. Go to Settings>Security>Device Administrators.

■■ SD Card booster: Improves the performance of your sdcard.
* Info about this here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1010807

■■ Flashlight: Use your device's camera LED / flash as a torch.
* Has widget support for easy access.

■■ Power Controls: Use the app to reboot, shutdown, turn off screen, softboot, and reboot to recovery.
* Has widget support for easy access.

■■ Quadrant I/O-nizer: For those folks who likes to brag a high quadrant score (placebo).
* Run your Quadrant standard / advanced app after activating and see your benchmark score soar.

■■ Autorun: Start overlays and sdcard cache on boot with notification in toolbar.

■■ Ads Free!

■■ To Uninstall:
1. turn off all overlays
2. go to Settings>Security>Device Administrators, then deactivate A919Tool.
3. you can now uninstall the app in Settings>Apps.

Credits: Logo Artwork by SirEden Sosa

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