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Easy to use, multi-functional Date Calculator/Day Calculator/Time Calculator/Age Calculator/Timezone Converter/Leap Year Calculator.
Calculates difference between two dates/times or computes a new date by adding or subtracting days or weeks from a selected start date. It's also a unixtime/timestamp converter and a timezone calculator.
Handy productivity tool for system administrators and frequent travellers.
The timezone list is defined by the Operating System and is rather long but you do get support for converting to any timezone supported by your device.

** No ads and no special permissions required to run this app. It does not use bandwidth. It's tiny and does not waste disk space. **

Easy to use tabbed interface for quick switching between functionality. Tap date field to set it.
- day of the week (select start date in any tab)
- prescription renewal date (via Date Add tab)
- time in another part of the world (via Timezone tab)
- leap years (via Difference tab)
- project due date or projected completion date (via Date Add tab)
- convert a date to unixtime/unix epoch/timestamp (via Unixtime tab)
- convert unix timestamps back to human readable format (via Unixtime tab)
- how many seconds/days/weeks you've been alive (via Difference tab)
- how long until your next birthday (via Difference tab)
- how long until next vacation or holiday (via Difference tab)

Feature requests or problems? Send me an email.
Ratings and comments are much appreciated.

Advantages of this version over the free one:
- email out results (unlimited)
- in Difference tab you can select hours and minutes in addition to date
- Timezone tab contains *all timezones* supported by your device
- no ads in this version (no bandwidth used)
- smaller footprint on disk
- font size can be increased for hi-res devices

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