Acer Iconia Battery Saver



a.k.a. Acer Iconia Phone Disabler

** Requires root access **

A "Must Have" Battery Extender for every WiFi Acer Iconia A500 tablet.

Extend the battery life of your WiFi Acer Iconia A500 tablet with this handy utility that will disable the processes that constantly look for a 3G data connection. Acer uses the exact same firmware on both wifi and 3g models, which leads to needless battery drain on the wifi version. There's no 3G radio, so why have a process running that's constantly checking on it? This utility effectively disables those processes leading to longer battery life per charge.

In the screen shots below, you can see how "Cell Standby" uses a significant amount of battery power. After using this utility to disable the "Phone", that process no longer uses any battery power, resulting in longer run time.

NOTE: When you disable services, you'll see a Force Close message just before the device reboots. That's the phone.apk that us Force Closing, not this app.

DISCLAIMER: This utility is only for the Acer Iconia A500 Wifi version. Although it would probably work on the 3G if you just wanted to completely disable the 3G data connection. This utility requires root access.


Interphaze solutions is not responsible for any damange to your device due to using this software.

Q: Why does it say "Force Closed" as soon as I click "Disable Services"?
A: It's not this app that's Force Closing, it's the phone.apk that's throwing the Force Close. Then the app will reboot the device. This is perfectly normal.

Q: My tablet fails to install the acer update properly.
A: If any system files are changed (including these), the update will not work. However, that's what makes this app so convenient. Just run this app again and click "Enable Services". Then you can do the Acer update. Once the update is finished, run GingerBreak again to get root access, then run this app again and click "Disable Services".
Q: The "Cell-Standby" is still showing in my battery stats after disabling these services.
A: It will disappear after a full recharge cycle.

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