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**Weather Action is not working well.
(OpenWeather API is not responsive now)**

Provides additional actions as Tasker Plug-in.
Not Locale compatible.

1. (Kor only) Bus arrival info
2. (Kor only) Metro arrival info
3. Reverse Geocoding
4. Geocoding
5. Live & Forecast Weather info
6. Google Online TTS
7. Media scanner on/off
8. Send Kakaotalk Message
9. Run Monkey Script

10. Get oom_adj by pkg name
11. Root switch [EXPERIMENTAL]

12. Control PowerAmp (play, shuffle, repeat, eq ...)

13. Google URL Shortener
14. Variable Convert (package name <-> app label, contact name <-> phone number)

Tasker cannot recognize Plugin Action's exit state. So, Tasker jump to next action immediately, not wait for plug-in action's finish state. To solve this problem, you need to code your task as this flow.
a. Variable Clear
b. Plugin Action
c. Wait Until - Variable is set

and You need to check 'Allow External Access' to use variable passing actions.

- Permissions
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - for web query actions
INTERNET - for web query actions
READ_CALENDAR - for calendar action
WRITE_CALENDAR - for calendar action
WRITE_SETTINGS - to prevent the monkey toggles auto rotate.
ACCESS_SUPERUSER - for root required actions. - to use set variable action

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