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Actions automatically or manually executes a series of actions based on certain conditions, such as time, location, or the launch of an application. Conditions and Actions are organized in a unit called a Profile. A Profile has a set of Conditions and Actions. When all the Conditions in a Profile become true, the Actions are executed. When the Conditions are no longer there, the previous settings are restored. For example, you could set up a profile with the following parameters:

Conditions: App launched--PDF Viewer; Time--7 p.m. to 11 p.m; Location--Home
Actions: Display brightness to max, go into silent mode, set screen timeout to 10 minutes, block all incoming calls, display the reminder "Wear your glasses."

So, if you're at home, it's 7 p.m., and you launch the PDF viewer, all these Actions will automatically occur. Once you close the PDF viewer, leave home, or the time is past 11 p.m., all your normal settings will be restored.

You can set up the following Conditions for a Profile: time, location, app launch, incoming or outgoing call, SMS text, airplane mode, Bluetooth, battery level, docking, headset, external storage, power, screen on/off, USB cord connected, Wi-Fi, and events. From there, you can select from 100 Actions to take place, such as application start/stop, lock screen, answer call, end call, block/divert outgoing call, send/block SMS, reminder, almost all Android phone settings, media, record voice/video, take photo, play audio, and dialogs.

There is no limit to the combinations of conditions and actions to create profiles. With Actions, you'll never forget to have your Android device execute a crucial action.

This is a full featured limited version with an ability to create only two profiles with limited version.

<***Actions can be automated based on the following conditions***>

1)App Launch
2)Events (battery,camera,date,display ,gesture,hardware buttons,system events)
4)Phone (incoming call/sms,outgoing call etc)
5)State (airplane mode,bluetooth,battery,calendar event,docking,gps,headset,ext storage,mobile data,mobile network,mobile state,orientation,power,proximity,screen,usb,wifi,wifi connection
6) Time

<***Actions supports taking following actions***>

1)Alert (popup,reminder,vibrate)
2)App (Start/Stop app,launch call log,launch contact favourite tab,goto home screen)
3)Clear data(delete contacts/sms/audio/video/images/accounts/call log,format sd card)
4)Display(custom lock screen,unlock custom lock screen,turn display on)
5)Media (play audio/video,record voice,take pics)
6)Misc (run shell cmd,run sl4a scripts,wait)
7)Phone(answer call, end call (deprecated on android 2.3),block outgoing call,divert outgoing call,make call,send sms,block/forward incoming sms,compose sms/mms/email)
a)Accounts and sync (auto sync,auto sync accounts,start sync,stop sync,add periodic sync,remove periodic sync)
b)Display (brightness,auto brightness,auto rotate,screen time out,stay awake)
c)Security (keyguard lock,visible pattern,tactile feedback)
d)Sound(alarm vol,touch tones,audible sel,bluetooth headset,haptic feedback,incoming call/media/notification/system/ringer volume,mute mic,notification/phone ringtone,pulse notification,screen lock sound,silent mode,speaker,vibrate)
e)Change Wallpaper
f)Wireless controls (airplane mode,wi-fi,bluetooth,data enabled,GPS (works on some well on rooted device with Actions as system app),Network mode-2g/3g (rooted devices),wifi/usb teethering
10) Settings dialog (all android settings dailogs can be launched)
a) Facebook(share status,share photo,share video)
12)Voice (read sms,read text,read site)

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Recently changed in this version

-Fixed actions execution issue with profiles that spans between two days
-Fixed time widet scrolling issue time condition
-Fixed crash issue with applications on lock screen
-Fixed force close and crashes

-Fixed scheduling with profiles that spans across days
-Fixed timezone issue with sample profiles

Comments and ratings for Actions Lite
  • (67 stars)

    by Chad Mervine on 25/03/2014

    Works almost as well as Droids SmartActions. I've had to adjust settings to get actions to work properly. Still can't get the end action on my sleep profile to work. Conditions: 9pm-9am Ac power Begin: Sound Profile: silent End: Sound Profile: nor

  • (67 stars)

    by Mohamed Abozied on 24/03/2014

    Simply intelegant

  • (67 stars)

    by VISHNU MAHESHWAR MOTIPATI on 02/11/2013

    The app is simply amazing. No words to say about the extent of customization possible with this app. I have made a profile to deactivate the network data automatically whenever connected to WiFi.

  • (67 stars)

    by Ben Folds Five on 30/09/2013

    Drains battery just by having the app installed and not having any active profiles. Change that and I'll gladly give more stars.

  • (67 stars)

    by meletios meletiou on 02/08/2013

    Macrodroid is better.

  • (67 stars)

    by Marcus Culbertson on 11/07/2013

    Who was here past

  • (67 stars)

    by Steve Guss on 22/06/2013

    I like the app except there is no way to delay the actions of a profile, If I want to do an action a minute after the conditions are met.