I cannot stress enough this is for ROOTED DEVICES!!! I'm getting emails and bad reviews from people saying their phones are not rooted or asking what rooted means... Please stop right now and DO NOT DOWNLOAD... You will just be wasting your time and negatively affecting the development community.

I am not responsible for damage you do to your phone. Everything should work perfectly but please make backups before running.

This app will either temporarily or permanently DISABLE ad blocking. A lot of apps block functionality if you are running an adblocker... With this application you can backup your host's file, and run the ad block remover allowing you to use the application... Afterwards, if you choose to, you can restore and resume blocking ads.

This app allows you to backup / restore / clear all ad blockers. This WILL NOT add any ad blocking functionality.

Therefore, using this app you will be able to either permanently or temporarily allow ad's onto your phone.


Feel free to use this app in any way you like. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

The file on your device located at /etc/hosts is used to reroute internet protocols to a given location. If you direct them to the localhost then the IP will be blocked... This is how ad blockers usually work... All this app does is skim the file for specific keywords OR clear the entire file.

I installed a custom ROM on my phone which by default came with an ad blocker. I was not aware of this until months later when I tried using a certain app which disabled functionality if you are running an Ad Blocker. This upset me because I was not aware that I was even blocking advertisements. This should have been an option on the ROM instead of configured by default. So now with this application we have the option.

I am not against blocking advertisements but it should be an option or at least advertised that the ROM has a pre-installed ad blocker.

If you have any questions about this application send me an email at

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