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AdaptiveCalc is a simple calculator with several enhancements compared to common calculator apps:

- An adaptive user interface hides buttons which are currently not needed. This saves some space on the screen and prevents wrong input. The feature is especially useful when working with parentheses.
- Results are displayed immediately. No need for pressing an "equals" / "=" button.
- Memory function: touch the result to store the current result. Press the "M" button to remember the value.
- Large number of mathematical functions: cos, acos, cosh, sin, asin, sinh, tan, atan, tanh, sqrt, cbrt, ln, exp, floor, ceil, abs, modulo operator (%).
- Constants: e, pi, phi, √2

This app was initially developed for a study on user interfaces during a university project.

Tags: adaptive calculator , calculator interfaces , adaptivecalc

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