AdMob Reporting



It's a way to see your AdMob Statistics on your mobile device.
Release Candidate: Version 1.7

This is the second graphical interface to a new library of AdMob tools developed by PaulyGram Systems. You see your sites in the list view and the list view gives you the big data: Revenue, Requests and Impressions.

See all 22 pieces of information that AdMob carries each day for each site.

COMING SOON: Detail Screen. graphs

You can only see today's data, Last 7 or 30 days data

You can create "Site Groups" to categorize the data
You can see the totals for all sites and for "Site Groups"

In order to login to the AdMob site, you must provide your credentials.
PaulyGram Systems will NOT collect this information. You can verify this by looking at the LogCat.
The credentials are stored on your device in the Shared Preferences. They are sent to AdMob over a secure protocol (HTTPS).

AdMob provides a way for you to create a read-only credential as well. From the AdMob site:
For AdMob accounts that are linked to a Google Account, this is the API password that you can find on the Account Information page. URL: look towards the bottom.
For unlinked AdMob accounts, this is the password you use to login to

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